Is magic what it appears to be?

This may seem a silly question given the nature of the  art of magic but I am often asked when I am out working what I think of some of the television magicians and the magic they perform. I usually respond that I have a lot of respect for the television magicians as most of them are either at or near the top of the profession. However, when I am asked about a particular trick I ask the questioner whether he or she thinks that the trick could be done here at this table in the restaurant or whatever the venue is that we are in. People usually understand the point I am making.

Those of us who perform direct to the public at private parties, weddings, dinners etc., rely purely on our own skills and except for stage and cabaret performances, seldom have an assistant.

If you look at the photographs on this website, which were largely taken at a wedding by the official photographer, you will see me performing “in the real world” without any camera tricks or stooges of any kind. None of the photos is posed or enhanced in any way and “what you see is what you get.”

Magic is not just about the magician showing magical skills but is about entertaining people with magic, which is crucial to a successful performance.

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