New Magician’s Assistant

This week at a meeting of The Associated Wizards of the South (fourth oldest magic club in the country) I was pleased to meet a lady magician Mirrah. Mirrah is from Bulgaria and although fairly new to magic, shows a lot of promise. As I have a cabaret show next week entertaining the Nepalese community in Andover, I asked her if she would like to assist me with a couple of illusions. So we have teamed up for this event and perhaps more. I met my previous three assistants in restaurants so it’s refreshing to find one in a magic club.

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  1. Ian Marriott says:

    The show for the Nepalese community went well last night from my perspective and the audience seemed to enjoy it as well. They were a very good audience for which to perform. Mirrah was such a great help to me. It’s a pity from my point of view that she will shortly be moving to Brighton. However, she assures me that she will make herself available for any suitable work that comes our way.

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