Magic for pre-school groups

Magic for pre-school groups can be challenging but is also a lot of fun both for the children and the performer.

I performed a 45 minute show for a pre-school group in Eastleigh this morning.The children were very lively and very confident for their age. They were a great audience and everything I did was well received with lots of laughter and amazement. This was the fifth time I have performed for this pre-school group and hopefully I can now regard them as a regular client.

Magic is an ideal form of entertainment for young children from the age of 3 (younger children do not understand what is going on and when I have been asked to perform at parties for two year olds I respectfully advise the enquirer to wait another year.)

I include in my show for pe-school groups a lot of traditional magic effects that have stood the test of time and are much loved by even the youngest. I get as many children as possible up to help during the show which adds to the fun and helps to keep their attention.

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