Magic for Insomniacs

I performed a cabaret show at a day centre for the elderly today in The New Forest. It went very well. I was however surprised that as I was leaving a lovely lady called me over and said how nice it was to have me there and that she hoped I would come again. I cheerfully replied that it was up to them of course. She then said that she had trouble sleeping and that the sleeping pills the doctor gave her were no good. However she had managed to sleep throughout my show and was sorry that she had missed it!!! So a new opportunity opens up to me, performing for insomniacs.

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  1. ianmarriott says:

    Thank you Donna, have a great Christmas


  2. Donna Best says:

    thank you Ian for a great afternoons entetainment everyone really enjoyed it and we will be sure to book you again in the near future, then hopefully that lady will be able to watch the whole show !!!
    Many thanks again , Donna, on behalf of the whole centre.

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