Magic for Children

Magic for children is how I started performing magic professionally some 20 years ago. Although I soon started performing close up magic for adults and developed a cabaret act, I still enjoy performing magic shows for children. At least I do most of the time.

Yesterday, 3rd December 2016, I entertained some thirty five year olds at a birthday party.They were an absolute delight, responding well to everything I did.

I was a bit apprehensive at first as there were almost as many parents present and so often they talk throughout the show which is disruptive for the children and off-putting for the performer. I need not have feared as the parents watched throughout and I never heard a word of conversation. If only it were always the case.

It is understandable that parents stay on when the children are small and we welcome that as it can lead to further bookings. However, it does seem strange when they can spoil the show through constant chatter when the booker has paid good money for the children to be entertained.

Children’s parties sometimes turn into parties for the adults with the children’s entertainer left to entertain the children while the adults, who sometimes outnumber the children, enjoy themselves at the back of the room. This can be very off putting for the entertainer and can distract the children.

Thank you to the parents who were at Motcombe Village Hall yesterday, you were great.

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  1. Ash_Salisbury says:

    A stellar performance from a great magician! Absolutely delighted with Ian who entertained at my daughters 5th Birthday party.

    The guests and their parents found him very, very engaging!

    Thank you!

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