Children’s Entertainment in Hampshire, Southampton and nearby

Children’s entertainment is how I started in magic back in 1997. This page describes in more detail the children’s entertainment I offer than can be included in the main part of the website.

Like many boys I had a magic set for Christmas as a child but did not take it seriously unlike our son Gavin when my wife and I gave him a set at the age of eleven.

Gavin was soon a member of the Associated Wizards of the South in Southampton and by the age of fourteen was performing at children’s parties with me acting as driver. When one day he was ill and could not fulfill a booking, I stood in for him and my magical career began. Unusually father followed in his son’s footsteps.

Gavin and I worked together until he went on his gap year in 2000 and I carried on alone. I left my day job as a finance director in the NHS in 2002 and increased my magic work, performing close up magic and cabaret style shows for adults as well as children’s entertainment.

My children’s entertainment covers three options. First, my children’s magic show, lasting 45 minutes, is action packed and tailored to the age range of the children concerned. The show is very audience participative with the children helping with and sometimes doing the magic. For birthday parties the birthday child is a star of the show, performing one of the tricks near the beginning and then the last trick, which is the production of a birthday card and present from an empty box, a nice way of finishing the show. No live animals are used but the puppets I use are adored by even the youngest children.

Scamp the Dog

Ian and his dog Scamp

For older children, aged 6 and above, an optional extra is the chair suspension illusion where the birthday child is levitated.

Where parents would like the children’s entertainment for longer I offer my two hour de luxe package, (including a break for refreshments. This starts with plate spinning as the children arrived followed by a selection of games including a novel version of pass the parcel. The games are most suitable for children of five and above and when the party is held in a hall as they are quit energetic. The games are inclusive and nobody is left sitting out.

The third option is an hour’s entertainment comprising a mixture of games and magic tailored to the client’s requirements.

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