Back to the Magic

May 2014

I haven’t found the time to post on the blog page recently due to some family health issues but am now back in the swing of things. I’ve recently introduced some new effects into both my children’s and close up shows and look forward to showing them to clients old and new

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  1. ianmarriott says:

    Hello Ann

    I’ve only just spotted your comment. I will email you the two photographs of Harry Woodley that I have if you can let me have your email address. One of the photographs includes Houdini taken on the docks in Southampton in 1913 and the other is with fellow early members of the Associated Wizards of the South.


  2. Ann says:

    With reference to Harry Woodley – he is/was my grandfather. I would be interested to see his photo. I did contact the chairperson of the magic society almost two years ago and he promised to send out a book featuring “The professor” – sadly nothing came of it.
    I have my grandfather ventriloquist doll and the whole Punch and Judy set.
    For interest- he is buried in West Wellow Church graveyard – and his headstone refers to him as The professor – I assisted his wife Lillian with this before I returned to South Africa as the family had not got round to doing it.

    Anyway hope to see the photograph.

    Ann Shipton Woodley Morris

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