Children’s Entertainer

¬†Children’s Entertainer & Party Magician

Children's Magician HampshireAs an experienced children’s entertainer I am a good choice for all types of children’s parties. My magic shows offer excellent entertainment for children aged three and older.

Whether for a children’s birthday or Christmas party or school events such as fetes and fairs, as a children’s entertainer I provide an engaging and relaxed style of magic. This is ideal to entertain the children and leave them with the biggest smiles on their faces.

I also offer children’s entertainment at adult events such as weddings and parties where there are periods such as speeches where the children may become restless or bored.

My magic shows typically last for 45 minutes. They are always tailored to the age range of the children concerned. They are packed full of magic,fun and laughter with an emphasis on getting the children involved in the show. Sometimes the children even do the tricks themselves…something they love and can’t wait to tell their friends about! The ‘birthday child’ is always made to feel extra special throughout the show and does the final trick producing a birthday card and present from an empty box. This is the perfect way to finish the show.

In addition to the magic show I also offer a deluxe package covering a variety of additional children’s entertainment including plate spinning, games and balloon modelling. I usually conclude with a novel version of pass the parcel for younger children.

My magic show and children’s entertainment are the perfect way to make your party or event stay long in the children’s memories. Look at the Clients and Testimonials page of the website to see what previous clients have to say. There is more information on the page “Children’s Entertainment in Hampshire and nearby” see the index below.

Visit the contact page either to book me as a children’s¬†entertainer or to find out more.

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