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Close up Magic

Close up magic, or table magic, is performed by the close up magician right under the noses of small groups of spectators. It is very popular at all sorts of events, ranging from weddings, parties and dinners to corporate events, product promotions and trade shows.

Close up magic can be performed almost anywhere, outdoors or inside. A close up magician is often employed by restaurants to entertain the diners.

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Table Magic

Table magic involves the magician performing to people sitting at tables, for example in restaurants, at a formal dinner or at a wedding reception.

Close up magicians usually perform between courses, seldom going to a table while people are eating. Depending on the occasion and the number of tables to go round, I usually perform for between 6 and 10 minutes at each table. At formal dinners or weddings, close up magic can also be performed over drinks in the bar or outside in good weather. I offer an engaging style covering a wide variety of magical effects. My repertoire includes cards, coins, rope and everyday objects sometimes borrowed from a spectator. This is guaranteed to enhance your event.

For large events e.g. a company dinner, more than one magician may be needed. I would then work with a colleague to ensure everybody is entertained in the time available. Working in a restaurant is less formal and I will often go back to a table if requested to do so.

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My number one priority is ensuring you and your guests have a good time, whether it’s your wedding, dinner party or a small informal gathering of friends who want to be entertained with something different. Look at the Clients and Testimonials page to read what past clients have to say.

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