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Magic Show for the Nepalese Community in Andover

My Magic Show seemed to go down well with the Nepalese Community in Andover on Saturday when I entertained at their New Year party with my assistant Mirrah. Here is a photograph of some of the ladies in the audience with Mirrah, dressed in black, centre right.

The magic show comprised a mixture of magical effects for both children and adults including three illusions. Mirrah acted as my assistant for two of the illusions as well as performing an effect herself and a male “volunteer” from the audience helped with the third.

The Nepalese were a great audience and I hope to work for them again sometime. I think a lot of the men present were former Gurkhas and I couldn’t help wondering what some of them had done in their lives. Having visited the Gurkha Museum in Winchester last month I realise why they are so highly respected by the British armed forces and feared by their enemies. Prince Harry was reported last month to have said that if you are in a war zone the safest place to be is next to a Gurkha.

Close up magic in Chandlers Ford

Close up magic is one of my favourite types of magic and last night I was performing it at the King Rufus pub in Chandlers Ford. The occasion was the 65th birthday of a gentleman who has spent much of his life in football management. He’s obviously a fun loving person with a lot of friends because he had planned three birthday parties, last night’s being the first. He also likes magic as the other two will also have a magician to entertain. I thoroughly enjoyed performing for a great audience so if you read this “Thank you Barrie.”

New Magician’s Assistant

This week at a meeting of The Associated Wizards of the South (fourth oldest magic club in the country) I was pleased to meet a lady magician Mirrah. Mirrah is from Bulgaria and although fairly new to magic, shows a lot of promise. As I have a cabaret show next week entertaining the Nepalese community in Andover, I asked her if she would like to assist me with a couple of illusions. So we have teamed up for this event and perhaps more. I met my previous three assistants in restaurants so it’s refreshing to find one in a magic club.