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Magicians should specialize in one branch of magic?

Magicians often argue about whether magicians should specialize in a particular aspect of magic and not dabble in other aspects. For example, it is argued that children’s entertainers should not also perform close up magic for adults. It is said that their children’s entertainer “personality” will show in their presentation of close up magic. I certainly know of cases where this applies but does it necessarily apply to everybody?

My view is that we need to use a bit of that rare commodity common sense. Consider athletics; if you wish to be a championship marathon runner there is little point in training for the shot put. On the other hand there are some very good decathletes about. So if magicians want to be the world champion of close up magic then it’s probably wise not to try to entertain children as well. However, many magicians, including myself, do entertain both children and adults. In fact, last weekend I performed a cabaret style act at a retirement development for people in their 70s and 80s, close up magic at a wedding and a children’s show at a party for 5 year olds and all seemed to go very well.

Very often at weddings for example, the booker wants close up magic between courses at the wedding breakfast and the children entertained during the speeches. I have often been booked simply because I do both. I recognize that there may be times when I don’t get a job because people may want a magician who appears to be more of a specialist.

I should be interested in the views of other magicians and more importantly the public if by chance they read this post.